Author: Carmelita Ramirez

  • October 2020

    October is finally here along with the cooler weather perfect for the cooler veggies! I definitely “Wish that every day was Saturday, and every month was October.” Cooler weather is […]

  • September 2020

    September is here! After a very unpredictable August coupled with bad air quality days, the beautiful fall colors and cooler weather are welcome changes! Despite a very unpredictable year, “everyday […]

  • August 2020

    In a normal season in the Elk Grove Community Garden, August is the time where the weather is cooling off. It is time to get excited for the upcoming fall […]

  • July 2020

    The month of July is a glorious time for all our gardens especially in the Elk Grove Community Garden. It is the time to savor all the bountiful harvests and […]

  • June 2020

    Summer is finally here! It is time to make a “ Summer Garden Checklist ”. No matter what is on your list make sure that “ Grow what you love […]

  • May 2020

    It is May already??? It is almost over actually, but our garden is thriving, and the bees are buzzing. Nature is continuing its cycle without missing a beat. I think […]

  • April 2020

    April is here, but we don’t feel the spring in our steps because of the uncertain times we are all experiencing right now. However, we are fortunate to have a […]

  • March 2020

    Spring is here! The community garden welcomes our new garden members and truly appreciate all seasoned gardeners and volunteers who keeps the garden’s mission achievable year after year. It is […]

  • February 2020

    Welcome back seasoned and novice gardeners. Spring is in the air, so are weeds! It is in full vengeance overtaking gardens big or small. Unfortunately, weeding is a necessary evil […]