Elk Grove Community Garden
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(Updated: 1/14/18 )

  • Meeting Schedule & Minutes
  • Contacts: Garden Managers
  • Plot Application & Renewal
    NOTE: The following Guidelines are an important part of the Application process
    and must be read and agreed to when submitting your application for a plot .
  • Guidelines & Agreement
  • Additional Guidelines for Group Plot Holders (7/29/15)

    Some reminders and Additional information:

    Entering the garden, remember to close the gate behind you. When leaving the garden, please make sure that the gate is locked if you are the last one to leave.
    Garden Plots: Remember that you are responsible to keeping your plot free of weeds all year and also the 3 foot area around your plot free of weeds. It is spring time and the weeds are growing faster than anything that we have planted in our gardens.
    Please practice water conservation at all times. All hoses will be required to have spray nozzles on the ends with an automatic shut off. All hoses must be in good condition with no splits or breaks in them that would cause leaking. We have attached 10 existing hoses with new blue nozzles that do not leak. Please make sure that your hose and nozzle are not wasting water. Please do not leave your plot unattended while watering. When cleaning your tools, please clean them over your garden plot and not in the pathway. Our water is very expensive and we have to pay for every drop of water that is wasted in the pathway, leaky faucets, leaky hoses, or runoff from your garden plot. If you see any leaks from any faucets or hoses, please let the garden's maintenance coordinator, Richard Peter, know right away. His e-mail address is rpeter9230@yahoo.com.
    Food Bank: Thank you to all of the gardeners who grew produce in the Food Bank plots and to those gardeners who donated part of their garden bounty to the Elk Grove Food Bank this past garden year. Our garden is so successful in what it contributes to the community because of all of you collectively working to make it one of the best community gardens in the Sacramento area.
    Volunteer Hours:
    You are required to donate at least 12 hours to the garden, in general. Throughout the year, e-mails will be sent to provide you with opportunities to fulfill those hours. We cannot credit you with your volunteer hours unless you fill out a volunteer hours form and turn it in. So, please record your volunteer hours as you complete them and try not to wait until it is cold and rainy to start volunteering. It is not fun working in the rain and cold. Note: The volunteer hour's requirement does not apply to gardeners renting the E plots.
    A friendly reminder to all of you to turn in your volunteer hours so they can be recorded and credited to you. Remember, you are all required to complete at least 12 volunteer hours to the garden each year. If you share the plot with another person, you can both volunteer to the garden and combine your hours. Remember, volunteer hours do not count for working in your individual plot (s).
    Due to the popularity of the garden, your garden plot(s) will not be renewed for the next garden year (beginning March 1st) if you have not donated and recorded your required hours for the year.
    Volunteers are always needed to assist with special projects, spreading mulch, weeding and various winter/summer/spring/fall activities.
    Questions?: email egcga@yahoo.com