April 2020

April is here, but we don’t feel the spring in our steps because of the uncertain times we are all experiencing right now. However, we are fortunate to have a community garden, “A garden is a friend you can visit anytime.” So, come and visit your garden/plots. Prepare it like usual because now more than ever we need it not only to sustain our food production, but it is also essential to sustain us from the mental strain that we are all experiencing at this moment.

Tip of the Month: Social Distancing while gardening: The community garden is a place of refuge for all of us. As we are all experiencing highly anxious moments in our modified lives, the garden is a place where
you can still feel a sense of camaraderie and community while practicing social distancing. You can meet with your garden friends and discuss what your growing plans this season. You can also have a lunch date with your family or friends by bringing a lunch sack. The distance between the bench tables under the teaching pad is about 6 feet.
Also, now is the perfect time to meet your plot neighbor and get to know them while you are tending your garden since each plot is about 6 feet apart as well. If you rather be alone to have some peace and quiet; 12pm-2pm is the best time to visit. Just enjoy the moment with nature whether you are gardening or just enjoying the peace and the bird
songs. The community garden is over an acre of land, it is enough to get your heart pumping just by doing a brisk walk from the front gate all the way to the beehives. By the time you get to the end, it might inspire you to just go ahead and pull some weeds along the way! No matter what your preference is, visit the garden and get some fresh air.

Plant Sale: This year’s plant sale theme was “keep calm and carry on”. Thank you to all the garden members and community members for supporting its success. This year research shows sales are up over 250% for garden compost, seeds, and plants. If you bought plants from the garden’s plant sale or anywhere else, you are now ready for the season. Prepare the soil, put in the best soil amendments you can afford, find the best spot for your plants, and wish it good luck!

Visit the community garden like it is “a friend you can visit anytime”.

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