August 2020

In a normal season in the Elk Grove Community Garden, August is the time where the weather is cooling off. It is time to get excited for the upcoming fall season. Many gardeners are starting to plan what to do with their final harvests. They are starting to dream about the fall season of pumpkins and apple pies. Unfortunately, this year is not a normal season or a normal year in any stretch of imagination. It is a first of not so many good things. This month’s quote “blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.” As gardeners, we are indeed blessed! We will tackle each issue one at a time and then start our planning process again for the fall come hell and high water!

Tip of the Month: Start taking notes: Despite everything that is going on, now is the time to bring out your pen and paper and start taking notes of everything that worked and did not work in your garden. Or just keep a mental note of what you have observed in your own plots. The community garden has a diverse group of gardeners. Our diversity brings in a plethora of skills and experiences that we can share with one another. Take some time to chat with your plot neighbors to find out what worked or did not work so you can also implement those observations in your fall garden plans. Speaking of fall garden, it is highly encouraged to plant a fall garden every year. It is even more prudent to do so this year given everything that is going on. Food sustainability is something we can achieve as an individual and as a community by simply digging in and planting in anything edible into the soil that has been tilled and loved all year long.

Garden Maintenance: The unusual hot August nights and days are wreaking havoc in our plots right now. Being blessed with the ability to be flexible, your best bet to combat these ever-changing weather conditions is to come out in your garden more often and remove any dead or dying plants. Mulching and deep watering will assist your remaining healthy plants to thrive in these extreme conditions. Providing water soluble fertilizer will also give your plants some boost to make it through the season. Lastly, harvest any vegetables or fruits that are ready to be processed in your kitchen. August is almost over. It is time to plan for a fall garden. Weather permitting, please support the upcoming Fall Gardening Class and Fall Plant Sale by attending the class and checking out the fall event prepared by our own garden members.

Stay flexible because “Blessed are flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.” Stay engaged in your garden this fall and continue to look forward towards another gardening season.

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