Demonstration Gardens

Rose Garden

The rose garden, which was designed and is cared for by garden member volunteers, is a beautiful area that includes many varieties and colors of rose bushes and is complimented by lavender bushes throughout. The flagstone pathway was created by the Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout project. The bench and arbor provide the perfect place for photographs when visiting the garden.

Herb Garden

The herb garden was originally a tea garden which was designed by a group of women attending a Support Works for Women career class at the Elk Grove Food Bank. They planted tea herbs which they could grow, harvest and then sell as part of the course. The small statuary fountain was a donation from the leadership group teaching the class. After the class was finished, most of the tea herbs were replaced with other herbs including lavender, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme and rosemary. Flowers have also been integrated into the garden for more color. All gardeners are welcome to pick the herbs for themselves and any remaining herbs are donated to the Elk Grove Food Bank throughout the year.

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