March 2020

Spring is here! The community garden welcomes our new garden members and truly appreciate all seasoned gardeners and volunteers who keeps the garden’s mission achievable year after year. It is a wonderful feeling to
be in the garden now that we can imagine and almost taste the possibilities of a bountiful harvests that are about to grace our dining tables. As we make plans this gardening season, remember to join and support the Elk Grove Community Garden’s Annual Plant Sale on Saturday, April 4th from 9am-1pm. It is the main fundraising for the community garden. All health and safety measures will be implemented during the event. It is an event that everyone in the community looks forward to every year.

Tip of the Month: Grow it, tend it and eat it! Based on our current events, there’s a possibility of food shortages at least temporarily. Now is the best time to learn how to garden. You’ll never have to question what’s on your food or who handled your food. Learn how to grow it, tend it and eat it!
Prepare your soil now for Spring planting. Eliminating weeds on your garden beds and amending it with organic materials like compost or manure are your best technique on having a successful and bountiful harvests. If you are part of this community garden, you are also part of taking care of our community in need. If we do our individual part to
grow and tend a garden, we will achieve a collective result that will help feed a larger group of people within our community. Support and donate to the Elk Grove Food bank today!

Water conservancy: Well-prepared soil has good water retention ability which can result in water conservancy. As drought continues to plague our region, creating moisture retentive environments for our plants is an essential component for a bountiful harvest. Well-prepared soil requires less watering even during extreme hot conditions. Mulching is
another moisture retention technique you can apply on your soil. Lastly, deep watering 2- 3 times a week during the summer months is better than watering quickly every day. The plants will create a stronger and longer root system by looking for water deeply into the soil. If you can, install a drip irrigation system to save time and money.

Spring is here, plant a garden today and look forward to a bountiful tomorrow!

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