May 2020

It is May already??? It is almost over actually, but our garden is thriving, and the bees are buzzing. Nature is continuing its cycle without missing a beat. I think we can all take a lesson from nature. Each of us are experiencing different level of anxious state right now. However, the garden can provide us a respite from all the noise and anxiety by allowing us to just garden to our hearts content. When you are in the garden, “there are no garden mistakes, only experiments”.

Tip of the Month: Experiment in the garden. By now your garden plots are fully planted. Plants are thriving, but reality sets in after a week or so. Some plants may not make it to fruition. Do not despair you are not
alone. There is plenty of time to plant new plants or direct sow seeds. “There are no garden mistakes, only experiments.” Pull the not so healthy plant out and take this opportunity to grow something new or different. Always set aside about 20% of your garden space for experimenting simply for the joy of gardening. It may give you a
chance to learn something new about yourself, your garden, or your plants. This is also a great time to experiment on intercropping plants for the benefits of pest control and nutrient abundance.

Garden Maintenance: During this time of the year many plants are taking off and ready to provide our family a bountiful harvest. The best thing you can do to continue your crops’ healthy start by maintaining the soil moisture, nutrients, inspecting for pest control, and reducing weeds. Pay a little more attention to your experiments so you can compare it to your past garden experiences. It will help you decide whether the experiment is a success or a bust. Even if it fails, it is the journey and the lesson learned that matters. As the summer months approaches, continue to look around your garden plots. Take notes of what your successes and lessons learned are for the upcoming fall

Remember “there are no mistakes in the garden, only experiments.” Keep on growing…

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