October 2020

October is finally here along with the cooler weather perfect for the cooler
veggies! I definitely “Wish that every day was Saturday, and every month was October.” Cooler weather is for sleeping in on Saturday mornings when there is no work until Monday. But it is also the best time to be in the garden where it is cooler, quieter, and mistier. October is the ending of summer harvests and the beginning of planting the cooler weather veggies!

Tip of the Month: Plant a fall and winter garden in October. Water thoroughly for two weeks especially for direct sown carrots, radishes, or any root crops. Then come back in January to harvests…I bet most of us will not do that, we will most likely visit at least every 2 weeks.

Garden Maintenance: If you have not done so, it is time to clean up
your summer beds. Either prepare the soil for next spring planting or
better yet prepare it for planting a fall and winter garden. This is the
best time to loosen the soil and amend it with manure, organic
fertilizers, or compost. If you are planning on taking a break from
the garden until spring. Do not just leave all your summer plants on
the beds. For the benefit of your soil and the disappointment of
weeds, pull all your old plants. Then apply the layering method by
mulching your soil with any of your healthy plants cut in small
pieces. Add a layer of compost or any soil you can afford on top of
the mulch. Find any spare amazon boxes laying around your house
then add the cardboard as your final layer. Ensure to top your
cardboard with any heavy item you have around your plot like cages, bricks, or poles to keep the cardboard in place. It does get windy in the garden and the opportunistic weeds are just waiting for your empty bed to land on. By applying the layering methods, you are creating an
environment beneficial for the worm to hang out during the winter months. The old plants and wet cardboards will serve as their food and warmth. In return the worms will do all the composting work for you and leave you nutritional castings that will make your soil ready for
planting in the spring. Did I mention the weeds? Well, you will have less weed if any, because weeds do not like loose and nutritious soil. So, it is a win win for the gardener! October is an easy month, “I wish that every day was Saturday, and every month was October.”

Thank you for keeping the garden looking good throughout the season! Stay warm but most of all stay safe and well!

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