September is here! After a very unpredictable August coupled with bad air quality days, the beautiful fall colors and cooler weather are welcome changes! Despite a very unpredictable year, “everyday is a good day in the community garden” is Judy’s favorite saying. There is always something good to look forward to in our community garden. September is a sign of a new life, new season in the garden. It is the time to reflect on the spring and summer seasons and time to look forward to a fall garden. The possibilities are endless.

Tip of the Month: What is a fall garden? A fall garden is an extension of your gardening season. It is time for cool weather crops like lettuce, kale, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, radish, beets, cilantro, and many other green vegetables. These vegetables are lighter fare compared to your heavy summer crops but just as nutrient dense. You can plant fall gardens using seedlings or direct sowing. A fall garden will stretch your food sustainability goal until spring. Many of these vegetables can be planted in succession. Succession planting means, planting a small batch at a time then plant again in two to three weeks increments. Succession planting method is perfect for salads, cilantro, beets, and radishes. All other cool weather vegetables like broccoli, carrots, onions, and cabbages will take its time to grow.

Garden Maintenance: If you have not done so, it is time to clear all your
summer crops and time to amend your soil with high nitrogen fertilizers
like manure, any organic pelletized or powdered fertilizers. If possible try
to rotate your crops by remembering these rotations: root (carrots, beets, etc.), fruit (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), greens (lettuce, broccoli, etc.), and beans (green beans, peas, etc). It sounds complicated but, just remember whatever you pull out, follow it with the next group for example, if you pulled tomatoes (fruits) try to replace it with broccoli (greens). If space is limited like it always does in the community garden, amend your soil with the best amendment you can afford and plant it with what you love to eat after all “everyday is a good day in the community garden” especially when you coming in everyday to check in what’s available for dinner freshly off your garden plots.

Thank you, garden members, friends, and family for supporting the Fall Gardening Class and the Fall Plant Sale Fundraising event! You made it a success!

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